Who is B Dynasty

B Dynasty was first introduced to Hip-Hop music in 2005. "I made my first beat on Acid Pro back in 2008. For three years, I just made beats and played them, but in 2012 I started writing. By 2015 B Dynasty had learned to engineer using Studio One.


"I believe music has a huge impact on the world, and if I can positively impact someone by being able to connect with them over music, then I have completed the goal for my music. Every song, beat, word, all have a story and through music it is told. " -B Dynasty



What Does LBLSS Mean?

Labeless is a movement! It's a mentality and a lifestyle. Labeless means to be who you are no matter what others say you are. Labeless is about self identity and understanding who you are. I am not a number, I am not a statistic, I am Labeless. No one category or box can fit this beautifully complicated creation that God has made! 


This spelling of "Labeless" is intentional. It takes the idea one step further of accepting who you are even with the flaws and inadequacy you may have.



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